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Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Now for something a little different - if you like that dreamy indie type of sound, with some excellent strings in it, then listen to Vervein.

From their website:
"Vervein begins with the story of two girls - one from the East Coast, one from the West Coast. Both were classically trained in music until their teens when they escaped the shackles of stern music teachers and sold their souls to rock and roll."

My Disposition is the most upbeat, and Unarmed is the softest - depending on what mood you're in.

Other 'samples' are available here - happily their idea of a sample is the whole track :)

You can buy their album Vast Low Cities new from CD-Baby or used from Djangos.


  • I made my way here through various links (via Said the Gramophone, I think) I wanted to thank you for the heads up on Vervein. It reminds me a little of a cross between Rasputina, the Dresden Dolls, with a dash of BoA and a handful less lyrical insanity. I grabbed the mp3s and quite enjoyed the band. Now the CD is winging it's way toward me. So, thanks!

    By Blogger Kristi, at 07 August, 2004 05:25  

  • Glad you enjoyed :)

    By Blogger spuckle, at 10 August, 2004 12:08  

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