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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Atomica - 39 Flavours

39 Flavours is the debut single from the Aussie super-group Atomica - featuring the guitarist of Baby Animals, the bassist from Silverchair, the writer of Madison Avenue's Don't Call Me Baby, and Kai Chambers (the son of XTC's drummer Terry) on drums.

As I'd really like to know your thoughts on them, I'm giving you loads of tracks today - so please comment...

You'll need Stuff-It Expander (or anything else that uncompresses sit files) to get the following tracks.

From the 39 Flavours single:
01 - 39 Flavours
02 - Higher than a painful God
03 - 39 Flavas (Black Dove remix)
04 - Shadows (3 Day Fever remix)

As yet unreleased Album Tracks:
Slow down
On it
17 (i was)
$6mill man
Kung Foo
Wax Fantastic
Liberty or death
All that is


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