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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

OX - Broken Silver

OX - Blood
OX are from Brighton, UK and are named after vocalist/guitarist Jim Oxborrow who founded the band with drummer Jimi Ashmore.

Their debut 6 tracker Blood was released in January 2005 on independant label Co-Pop. They release this newly reworked mix of Broken Silver on 27th March, featuring new OX bassist Neil Mackenzie and drummer Ashmore on backing vocals.

It will actually be a record - on vinyl. It's a double A side in fact (with Six Nation State - Keep Dancing), with only 1000 7" vinyl copies made.

It's also released digitally a week beforehand but I guess, as you can download it here - through the band's own website I should add, it's a bit pointless.

OX - One Past Five
(you'll need to add .mp3 to the filename)

Download two more OX tracks Kickin' The Kerb and Blood Of The Soul at the band's MySpace page.


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