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Tuesday, August 10, 2004


How lazy am I? I just started this mp3 blog thing and then I post nowt for a week! So as an apology I'm going to give you links to one of my favourite bands - Powderfinger.

From slow ballad with the track These Days to all out rock on Like A Dog these guys kick ass.

More mp3s (seems to be 2 albums+ worth) are available here. On this page there are links to Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Gypsy Kings, Asiaminor and other assorted mp3s - enjoy!

For buying I advise going for Odyssey #5 for starters, you can get it 2nd hand from Djangos very cheaply. But the current album Vulture Street is my favourite, but is a lot more rock than Odyssey #5.

Vulture Street snippets can be heard on the official website.

The cheapest place to buy Vulture Street is likely to be CD-WOW Au who do free worldwide delivery - currently the price is Au$22.95 which is about £8.95 / US$16.40 which is pretty good.


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