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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Skirtbox - For This Alone

Something a bit LOUDER today: If you like rock with 80's guitar solos, you'll love these tracks.

Skirtbox - Swedish Pink
Skirtbox are a London band who have been together for seven years. They have released their first music video titled For this Alone from their forthcoming album Bitter and Direct will be available from Allstar Recordings from the end of September.

Skirtbox - Not For Me
Keep your eyes peeled for them on MTV2 and other music channels in the near future.

Skirtbox - Maybe
Skirtbox - Heading
For information on the band and pictures, or to buy the album visit:

Other tracks (indirect links):
Skirtbox - Minky Xpress
Skirtbox - Speared Love
Skirtbox - Star of Deathlehem


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