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Friday, September 17, 2004

Nizlopi - Girls

Luke (Concannon - vocals, guitar & percussion) and John (Parker - double bass) met on a bus when they were thirteen. This marked the beginning of a long-standing friendship and musical collaboration whose offbeat touching lyrics are paired with a unique sound inspired by a myriad of disparate influences. They emanate
energy, passion and power in sound that sends your skin tingling. Their debut album Half These Songs Are About You has spent an unprecedented ten weeks at number one in the National Unsigned Network Chart and has been featured on both Radio One and Two.

Nizlopi (Live)
(sorry I dont know the track name for this)

Add to that appearances at two of Europes biggest and most prestigious music festivals, Glastonbury and the Big Green Gathering where audiences were totally wowed by each and every performance. Whether in a small and intimate club or a huge auditorium Nizlopi believe in "eliminating the gap between performer and listener". Expect them to unplug and get out there face to face with their audience - a truly awe inspiring experience.


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