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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Martin Sexton - Glory Bound (Acoustic)

I like acoustic singer/songwriter stuff a lot, unfortunately I know nothing about this chap at all, so all I can do is borrow form his own site: "A native of Syracuse, New York, Martin Sexton grew up on the timeless sounds of Seventies radio, from Stevie Wonder to Led Zeppelin (who led him toward blues legends like Howlin Wolf and Willie Dixon)."

Martin Sexton - Black Sheep
Apparently he has a 'bounty' of Boston Music Awards, as well as a National Academy of Songwriters "Artist of the Year" award. Did I miss this guy or has there been no UK exposure?

Anyway enjoy the tracks and buy stuff here.

If you cannot download then it's possible that the server limit has been reached - try again tomorrow.

2 posts today! - I guess I'm reinvigorated because I got some reader comments.
Take note - commenting = more mp3s :)


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