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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Ballboy - Olympic Cyclist (Live)

Topical, eh? This band hail from my home country - Scotland, but they don't seem to like it very much. It must be because they're from Edinburgh.

Ballboy - I Hate Scotland

Ballboy formed in January 1999. They are three boys and one girl. The boys are: Gordon McIntyre who sings and plays guitar, Nick Reynolds who plays bass guitar and sings too, Gary Morgan who plays the drums, and the girl is: Alexa Morrison who plays keyboards, who took over from Katie Griffiths at the end of January 2004.

Ballboy - Donald In The Bushes With A Bag Of Glue
This track comes from their first release, the EP Silver Suits For Astronauts in November of 1999.

I Hate Scotland was released in June 2000 and Girls Are Better Than Boys came out in March 2001. The three EP's have since been compiled on Club Anthems 2001 (UK release Oct01) and Club Anthems (US release Mar02) which you can get here.

Ballboy - A Day In Space

Ballboy - Dumper Truck Racing

The next release was the 4-track EP All The Records On The Radio Are Shite which had some great reviews and one really bad one from the NME. Ballboy learned a lesson from this - never let the man from the NME know that you are smarter than him - it upsets him no end.

Ballboy - Avant Garde Music
In November of 2002, Ballboy released their first proper album A Guide For The Daylight Hours complete with accompanying artwork by the fantastic Scottish-based artist David Shrigley. You can get it here.

To date the band have recorded two sessions for John Peel (Dec 2000 and April 2002 - live from Maida Vale) and numerous sessions for the Evening Session in Scotland on Radio 1 and various other shows. Sometimes this is Gordon with an acoustic guitar, sometimes it is the whole band. They have also had 3 entries in 2 separate Festive 50 charts, but none in the UK charts. No-one knows why this is...


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