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Monday, December 06, 2004

Mark Aston - All The Road

Mark Aston, the driving force behind late nineties rock group Addict, who were dropped by V2 Records after only one album (Stones). Reforming as Zanderman the band members went their separate ways after acheiving little with the acoustic album Live At The Kashmir.

Addict - Better Than This (ft. Emmy Lou Harris)
This track is taken from the Addict album Come On Sun with guest vocals by Emmy Lou Harris.

Mark Aston - Drowning By Degrees
Recorded last year as a contender for his first solo effort The End Is Near The Beginning but didn't quite make it.

Mark Aston - One Last Song
New track recorded June 2004.

Mark has just released his second solo album Rolling Souls


  • Thanks for posting the Addict track next to the Mark Aston tracks. It's interesting to hear the differences. I haven't heard any other Addict songs, but if better than this is representative, it sounds like the band was holding him back a bit.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 December, 2004 02:57  

  • I really don't know which I prefer to be honest, I'm liking both. I suppose with the tracks posted his solo stuff sounds a bit less, erm, forced...?

    By Blogger spuckle, at 20 December, 2004 14:19  

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