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Friday, January 14, 2005

Belle & Sebastian - Step Into My Office, Baby

Belle & Sebastian are victors in the 3 month public poll to name the Best Scottish Band Of All Time (BBC News). This tune is the opening track of their latest album Dear Catastrophe Waitress:

The top ten list was as follows:
1 Belle & Sebastian
2 Travis
3 Idlewild
4 Wet Wet Wet
5 Sensational Alex Harvey Band
6 Simple Minds
7 Teenage Fan Club
8 Bay City Rollers
9 Primal Scream
10 The Proclaimers

I've posted a few more songs previously on B&S so take a look at the archive posts.


  • Thanks for the trax. Though before I listen, I must bow my head in a moment of silence, mourning the exclusion of Del Amitri from the list of Scottish greats.

    Am I that out of touch with my Scottish brothers over yonder? For my (decidedly American) money, there's just no topping Justin Currie's vocals and songwriting.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 January, 2005 02:25  

  • They did make the list, albeit at number 23. I'm a big Dels fan myself, but they've always been decidedly uncool - even when they were popular. I'd take Deacon Blue over Wet Wet Wet anyday, and Garbage seem to have been omitted...?

    Full list:
    1. Belle & Sebastian
    2. Travis
    3. Idlewild
    4. Wet Wet Wet
    5. Sensational Alex Harvey Band
    6. Simple Minds
    7. Teenage Fanclub
    8. Bay City Rollers
    9. Primal Scream
    10. The Proclaimers
    11. Texas
    12. Mull Historical Society
    13. Big Country
    14. Snow Patrol
    15. Franz Ferdinand
    16. Bis
    17. Deacon Blue
    18. Fish
    19. Jesus And Mary Chain
    20. Mogwai
    21. Runrig
    22. Trash Can Sinatras
    23. Del Amitri
    24. Orange Juice
    25. Nazareth
    26. Beta Band
    27. Biffy Clyro
    28. Altered Images
    29. Aztec Camera
    30. Eddi Reader
    31. Goodbye Mr Mackenzie
    32. Fire Engines
    33. Delgados
    34. Arab Strap
    35. Vaselines
    36. Associates
    37. The Pastels
    38. Eurythmics
    39. Aereogramme
    40. Blue Nile
    41. Boards Of Canada
    42. Rezillos
    43. Incredible String Band
    44. Cocteau Twins
    45. Dogs Die In Hot Cars
    46. Spare Snare
    47. Average White Band
    48. Lulu
    49. Skids
    50. Shamen

    By Blogger spuckle, at 17 January, 2005 10:35  

  • #23? Because they're uncool?

    I'm grinning now. I mean ... well ... let's just say on this side of the pond, "Bay City Rollers" and "cool" are four words that haven't shared a sentence together since ... ever.

    Thanks for the full list, and for the posts. Much enjoyed.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 January, 2005 03:36  

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