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Friday, January 07, 2005

Fear of Music - Skin & Bones

Hello, and Happy New Year! Posts have been sparse recently because of the turkey-fest - I didn't wan't to get the keyboard all slimy from my fingers (yes, i like the brown meat best).

I featured their song The Waltz way back in September, and here's my next offering from Manchester's unsigned teens Fear Of Music.

Named after the third Talking Heads album (I'm sensing a parental influence here), they are to release a double A side single in March. I'm hoping for big things for them in 2005!


  • There OK aren't they. Shouldn't stay unsigned for long. I wager.

    I've recently been playing Talkingheads77 to death. That's why I had a butchers.

    By Blogger Ant, at 07 January, 2005 14:14  

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