Life Of A Spuckle

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Kiona - Slowmotion

Kiona are a unsigned Danish band who play intense, soaring and curious pop-rock. Slowmotion is the opening track from their new EP, produced by Dennis Ahlgren (Zero 7).

Kiona - One Big Volcano from the Kiona EP.
Kiona - The View from the Never Home EP.

They headline the Camden Underworld, London on March 2nd, and then Halfmoon, Putney on March 3rd.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Nine Black Alps - Shot Down

This is scheduled to be the first proper single from Manchesters Nine Black Alps
at the beginning of March, and I think this band show a lot of promise.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Trader - Used To Lie

Remember the BRITS in 1996? It was the one where Jarvis Cocker could take no more and mooned at Michael Jackson? 13-year-old Ashley Moore was the dancer injured in the resulting melee. Now 21, the Geordie sings awesome lead vocals for Trader.

This track is taken from a 4 track promo, the bands’ first recording session, from late last year. Used To Lie is a beautiful epic (at 6 minutes-long) tale of regret.

Trader play Parker Palace in Holborn, London on March 10.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Lake Placid - Is This Love?

This is taken from the debut album Make More Friends. I don't know much about them, but I know I like 'em - I'll just use their own press release:

"A rock band of eight people? You can't do that. They look like circus freaks..." The sentence above was uttered by a high ranking employee of a major Danish record company and was aimed at new Danish band Lake Placid. And in many ways, he is right. Most people have the idea that rock musicians must look like a trendy fashion photo and feel very much at home at exclusive jetset parties.

"Trust us although we look funny"
Lake Placid - We Are The Lakes (Sample)

The story of Lake Placid is about a town planner, a film student, a DJ, a bike messenger, two aspiring architects and a Danish New Yorkstress who have little in common. On paper, the band should not exist. But they do - and maybe it's the love of music and not their differences that hold them together?

On stage, Lake Placid look like a freak show - but kind of a cool one. Fronting the band is singer TK - behind her are seven individualists jumping around, dancing and partying among guitars and organs. Few in the band play only one instrument, so they often change places on stage. A Lake Placid concert is not a streamlined event, where the band brag of their expensive gear and rehearsed rock star poses. It is, however, an outlet of energy and eight freaks who give a damn about the norm and go nuts in music. This energy is just as evident live as it is on record.

Lake Placid - Hey Love (from BSBTA EP - Club, May 2003 Edition)

Lake Placid have been around on the Danish underground scene since 2001. The band have released an EP on their own label, played at Roskilde Festival, had a #1 on Danish indie radio and toured Denmark and Germany.

Lake Placid are not interested in being pigeonholed. In spring of 2004, they have played for both trendy artists at a Danish art school, at a school for lifestyle changes and at a school for children with dyslexia. Everywhere, they were met with huge applause and screams for additional songs.

Lake Placid - Bochum, USA (from Go Go Grasp)

Before a show in Hamburg, Lake Placid invaded the busy street in front of a venue and all eight danced to loud music from their own stereo system. The purpose? To get themselves and their music noticed outside the German underground. The result? The venue was packed that evening.

It's all about the music - not about which lifestyle you lead or what clothes you wear. The story can be heard everywhere on Lake Placid's debut album Make More Friends: