Life Of A Spuckle

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Little Britain

This is the comedy of the moment in Britain, if you're into it then you'll love the following:

Lou & Andy
Andy Pipkin - Want That One
Andy is my favourite character, a 'paraplegic' guy who isn't as disabled as he makes out, and gives a hard time to ever-patient care worker Lou Todd. Lou and Andy are allegedly based on Lou Reed and Andy Warhol.

There's even an Andy 404 page!

Daffyd Thomas
Daffyd Thomas - The Only Gay In The Village (you may have to register)
This track was made by SulphuR (AKA Liam Fairclough) who is obviously a fan of Little Britain, in particular of Daffyd Thomas, the glum Welsh homophobic non-practicing gay.

There's also an audio page full of Little Britain characters here, which features:
Lou & Andy (Yeah, I know)
Daffyd Thomas (The only gay in the village)
Vicky Pollard (No, but yeah, but no, but yeah.....)
Ray McCooney (YEEESSSS!!!!)

Vicky Pollard

You can get the Little Britain - Series 1 DVD (Region 2) from CD-WOW for only £11.99 including free worldwide delivery.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Say No To 0870

In the UK? Having problem with any of your pressies?

Check this website out to find the alternative customer service number that won't cost an arm and a leg like 0870.

X-FM Album Covers Quiz

XFM have a great online album cover quiz. Simply type in the name of the artist and name of the album. There are 72 in total.

I've managed to get them all - eventually, so if your having difficulties just ask :)

Picks of 2004

I must warn you in advance that I may go a little mainstream on you...

Until the New Year I'll be going through my pick of 2004. The tracks are in no particular order of preference:

Belle & Sebastian - Dear Catastrophe Waitress

Death Cab For Cutie - Lack Of Color

Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out

Enjoy & Happy Holidays to one and all :o)

Monday, December 20, 2004

Fields Of Fire

Here's my slightly late tribute to Stuart Adamson of Big Country who committed suicide 3 years ago.

Most people forget that Big Country achieved massive international success in the '80s, rivalling rock acts like U2 and Simple Minds.

11th Apr 1958 - 16 Dec 2001
Rest In Peace

I can't find any online Big Country songs, so here's an excellent cover:

Eddie Current - Fields Of Fire.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Here Here!

Here are some very personal vitriolic attacks by journos on some of the nations favourite bands/acts of the last century. Often difficult to tell which parts are said with tongue in cheek and a lot will make you nod your head in agreement, particularly those bands you dislike yourself:

I for one, agree completely with the The Stone Roses paragraph.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Mark Aston - All The Road

Mark Aston, the driving force behind late nineties rock group Addict, who were dropped by V2 Records after only one album (Stones). Reforming as Zanderman the band members went their separate ways after acheiving little with the acoustic album Live At The Kashmir.

Addict - Better Than This (ft. Emmy Lou Harris)
This track is taken from the Addict album Come On Sun with guest vocals by Emmy Lou Harris.

Mark Aston - Drowning By Degrees
Recorded last year as a contender for his first solo effort The End Is Near The Beginning but didn't quite make it.

Mark Aston - One Last Song
New track recorded June 2004.

Mark has just released his second solo album Rolling Souls

Friday, December 03, 2004

Knights - The Words Don't Come

Just a quickie today - some Friday Funk, it's a little different to my usual fare I know... Anyhow, this track is reminiscent of Prince at his finest hour.

Knights are playing showcases around London most of December.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Atomica - 39 Flavours

39 Flavours is the debut single from the Aussie super-group Atomica - featuring the guitarist of Baby Animals, the bassist from Silverchair, the writer of Madison Avenue's Don't Call Me Baby, and Kai Chambers (the son of XTC's drummer Terry) on drums.

As I'd really like to know your thoughts on them, I'm giving you loads of tracks today - so please comment...

You'll need Stuff-It Expander (or anything else that uncompresses sit files) to get the following tracks.

From the 39 Flavours single:
01 - 39 Flavours
02 - Higher than a painful God
03 - 39 Flavas (Black Dove remix)
04 - Shadows (3 Day Fever remix)

As yet unreleased Album Tracks:
Slow down
On it
17 (i was)
$6mill man
Kung Foo
Wax Fantastic
Liberty or death
All that is

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

One Person CAN Make A Difference

Signing for the deaf sparked Kiev newsroom revolt

Natalya Dymytruk, a 47-year-old mother of two who works as a translator for the deaf on the Ukraine's state-run TV channel, assumed she was making her final broadcast last Thursday when she decided to deviate from the official script. As a colleague read the heavily censored official version of events, Mrs Dymytruk did what her conscience told her, and signed to deaf viewers that they were being told a pack of lies and should not believe the government's claim that Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich had won the presidential election. She added "I am very ashamed to translate these lies. And this is probably my last day in this job, so goodbye."

But when she told colleagues what she had done, they held a meeting in the newsroom and decided she was right. The management, aware of western calls for free speech in the Ukraine, decided not to fire her. Instead, on Friday's evening bulletin a journalist announced that the news team would be joining the protest in Kiev, and said: "We are not lying any more." Since then, the content of the broadcasts has become a lot more balanced. And all because of the boldness of one woman.