Life Of A Spuckle

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Branded - Tits Out For The Lads!

Another contender for the English World Cup 2006 song, definitely the boldest entry!

The song even has its own website.

"Branded is the name of the band cos we like brands and use lots of them in the songs.", according to JoBabe the lead singer "Our aim as a band is to keep it real, we write about real things that affect real peoples lives, which is why humour and fun are a real focal point of all our songs, cos lets face it you can't take life too serious all of the time!!!"

Friday, April 07, 2006

Primal Scream - Country Girl

The link to the file of Primal Scream's new single won't fit in the title, so it's here instead:

Primal Scream - Country Girl (Live)

As this is a link to their MySpace account it may not last much longer, so get it whilst you can!

It's a rough, live version of their new single out May 22nd, which is a track from the forthcoming Riot City Blues album due out June 5th.

LP tracklisting:
01 - Country Girl
02 - Nitty Gritty
03 - Suicide Sally & Johnny Guitar
04 - When The Bomb Drops
05 - Little Death
06 - The 99th Floor
07 - Boogie Disease (Originally titled 'We're gonna boogie')
08 - Dolls (Originally titled 'Sweet Rock n Roll')
09 - Hell's Comin' Down
10 - Sometimes I Feel So Lonely

The band also have an old crazy/arty website