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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Niccokick - Love & Neon Lights

Niccokick is the brainchild of Swede Andreas Söderlund and actually started as a instrumental project. He then added vocals to the tracks thought it sounded good, then put a band together.

This is a track from Niccokick's debut album Awake From The Dead, My Dear Best Friend buy it in the EU or worldwide.

For me Niccokick are reminiscent of Arcade Fire, which is no bad thing, though it could just be because I think Andreas' vocals sound a lot like Win Butler.

I should thank ROTD for turning me on to them.


  • Was Andreas Söderlund in another band before this?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 May, 2005 16:24  

  • this rocks a lot more than arcade fire, but maybe the rest of the album is different. it's interesting, though, thanks for posting.

    By Blogger nm, at 16 May, 2005 03:21  

  • I've no idea if he's the same Andreas Söderlund from the 90's death metal band Holocaust, but he could be...

    By Blogger spuckle, at 16 May, 2005 10:21  

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