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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Melissa Ferrick - Beijing

Melissa Ferrick - The Other Side
First track on Melissa Ferrick's latest album The Other Side. I just like this tune and the sort of 'World Music' vibe to it.


  • hey spuckle just logged in from a wet and windy edinburgers..great to see another scottie dog on the wires. I am more of a countrry chick and punkeroo but will check in again soon and listen to your posts...hey allowah and we dont all like shortbread and irn-bru right????

    By Blogger countrygrrl, at 05 June, 2005 23:51  

  • Used to live in Edinburgh, hated every minute of it:
    the Yank tourists on Princes Street stopping every 5 yards saying "gee, doesn't the castle look great from this angle" whilst you're trying to shop;
    the obnoxious English students at the Uni;
    the Edinburgh upperclass twats wanting to be English;
    the crappy traffic system despite being so small a city;
    and last but by no means least for being the capital just cos it's got a castle.

    For anyone thinking of visiting Scotland, please note that Edinburgh is not like the rest of the fair country - don't be a sheep try elsewhere.

    Irn-bru (full-fat) is the best hangover cure ever, and Diet-Bru is a reasonable as a refreshing beverage. Shortbread's great too, a bit buttery though for me - needs to be eaten in moderation as lots makes me sick.

    Rant rant... this is longer than a normal post ;o)

    By Blogger spuckle, at 08 June, 2005 09:53  

  • Oh, i've added you to my blog list :o)

    By Blogger spuckle, at 08 June, 2005 09:54  

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