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Friday, February 24, 2006

The Feeling - Sewn

The Feeling met at college in London. They answered an ad in the back of a music mag for a covers band to play a season in the French Alps, then spent three months living in a shoebox on the side of a mountain and playing ten two hour shows a week for drunken snowboarders.

They returned to London determined never to play a cover ever again, set up their amps in a garden shed and recorded some of their own songs, one of which was 'Sewn'. Their name came from a neon sign on a bar in Paris they drove past on their way home.

The single is released on Monday - buy it here.

The Feeling are:
Dan Gillespie Sells - vocals & guitar
Richard Jones - bass
Kevin Jeremiah - guitar
Ciaran Jeremiah - keyboards
Paul Stewart - drums

You can download and hear more on the band's MySpace page.


  • I had doubts about posting the actual mp3, so I waited until a few weeks before posting the day before release (at 128kbps).

    It's always exciting when someone posts a comment isn't it?

    By Blogger howard, at 01 March, 2006 09:37  

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