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Monday, September 27, 2004

No Introduction Required

Time for some classic songs from albums that I think everybody should have:

Queen - We Are The Champions
Queen consistently released high quality albums for well over 20 years. Enough ranting - here's an anthem from the 1977 album News Of The World, and is used as a chant for one lucky team per sport, per league, per year.

This is something that really pisses me off about current artist's releases - they need to realise that every song on an album should be great, not just 2 or 3 singles and a load of crap tracks to fill up the time to beyond the 30 minute mark. If I buy the first album of any artist and it's full of half-assed tracks then you can be sure I won't be buying the next - bang goes the artist's longevity. Am I alone in this???

Live - I Alone
Rant over - here's a great track from Live's best album Throwing Copper.
Live rose to chart success on the strength of its anthemic music and idealistic, overtly spiritual songwriting, two hallmarks which have earned the group frequent comparisons to U2 which can't be bad.


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