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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Isis Project - Les Heures Ou Je M'Eclipse

The Isis Project's self-titled album has music by Guy Chambers of Robbie Williams fame, the lyrics (all in French) are by Parisian folk vocalist Keren Ann Zeidel, and the vocals are actress Sophie Hunter.

I love the whispery French vocals on this.


  • ooooh, very pretty! thanks for posting!

    By Blogger nm, at 10 June, 2005 18:17  

  • love the isis project track!

    By Blogger mordi, at 13 June, 2005 13:35  

  • Ooo-la-la! I like this dreamy/pretty music from Isis Project. I just discovered your blog today and I'm enjoying it very much. Please continue doing it!! I'm in Ohio, USA.

    By Anonymous BufordJoseph, at 20 July, 2005 17:32  

  • whispery is good ,,,glad he has broken away from robbie and brit poppy shite this is great what a find>>> love the blog...thanks for the tag will tag u

    By Blogger countrygrrl, at 21 July, 2005 23:46  

  • thanks for sahring this song, i been searching for a while!!! i am from singapore! she is so damm beautiful with such beautiful voice. but what does the title mean? or what does this song mean? pls email to if you know what it means! thanks!!! its definitely a great contribution to the music scene!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 September, 2005 13:59  

  • i love this song.. im a singaporean too :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 October, 2005 06:26  

  • "Les Heures Ou Je M'Eclipse" translated in my poor, long forgotten schoolboy French means roughly "the hours of my eclipse". I have no idea what the song's about, my spoken French is limited to menu items :o)

    By Blogger spuckle, at 03 October, 2005 13:20  

  • dear spuckle,

    could you please upload more songs of this album?
    i've been searching this album for a long time, i'm asian, i can't find it in my country.

    please please and please.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 August, 2008 12:36  

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