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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Vib Gyor - Fallen

Unsigned Leeds band Vib Goyr only formed this year and have already received support from X-FM and Radio 1. Easy to understand why when you hear Fallen - an epic, with a great chorus.

In the short time that they have been together, they have financed and built their own recording studio, and written over an albums worth of material. Five of these songs make up the Insomnia EP, which was received to wide critical acclaim. The first 200 copies they had made sold out within a month.
Here's a complete download of the Insomnia EP
01-Permanent Disguise
04-You Wear Me Out

After having the EP at number 1 on the Radio 1 unsigned site for 11 consecutive weeks they are now currently recording the second EP, and are recording a live BBC Radio session in October. On September 19th they did an acoustic set and an interview on ITC Radio:
Permanent Disguise (Acoustic)

Vib Goyr are:
David Fendick - Vocals/ Acoustic Guitar
Zane Keenan - Electric Guitar/ keyboards/ E-Bow/ Mellotron.
Jonny Hooker - Drums/ Percussion.
Jonny Mulroy - Electric & Slide Guitar/ Effects.
James Heggie - Bass


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