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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Action Stations!!!

A call to arms from Rachel at Scenestars to get Sony to release the Fiona Apple LP they've been sitting on.

Click here to beg Sony to release it.

Rachel's post (with 2 Fiona Apple mp3s for downloading):
Fiona Apple - Better Version Of Me


  • hi. i saw your comment about metric's "the twist" over at scenestars. i really like metric and adore that song and would love to hear the whole album. as you wrote, though, it's unreleased. but, do you know how i could get my hands on all the tracks? maybe there's a fansite that has it for download or something? please e-mail me at seeking_irony at yahoo dot com... i'd really appreciate it.

    By Blogger nm, at 04 November, 2004 20:44  

  • I'm still looking for it myself, unfortunately... I'll let you know if I find anything :)

    By Blogger spuckle, at 09 November, 2004 11:02  

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