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Friday, October 15, 2004

The Best Sunday Afternoon CD....EVER!

Live At The Hotel Café: Volume One
I can't recommend you buy this CD strongly enough - I know can't force you, but if you do, you won't be disappointed. I promise.
(I don't even have an affiliate program with CD-Baby, before anyone asks!)

From a close-knit family of talented local songwriters and friends, to touring national acts opting for a more intimate setting, the Hotel Café, once just a small coffee shop, has quickly blossomed into not only one of the best rooms to play in LA, but also a kind of all purpose clubhouse for a newly burgeoning community of songwriters...

Unfortunately the last time I was in LA I omitted a visit to this venue and it's something I still regret. Anyway, after more than a year of recording, mixing, and battling with record labels, the music from the Hotel Café is finally available to buy here.

The first, apparently, of a series of many to come. Volume One is an eclectic collection of live recordings from who is and who will be in the singer songwriter world. If you can't be in the room, Live At The Hotel Café is the next best thing. The CD features Gary Jules (of Mad World/last year's UK Xmas No.1/Donnie Darko fame)

Full track listing:
01. Jim Bianco - Tennessee Wedding
02. Jesca Hoop - Life Within A Life
03. Alexi Murdoch - Sinking
04. Amy Cook - Reveler's Twilight
05. Gary Jules - Wichita
06. Joe Purdy - Miss Me
07. Steve Reynolds - Only Son
08. Ian Ball - Neutron Dance
09. Tracy Bonham - Freed
10. Waz - Mine To Remember
11. Erik Penny - Extraordinary
12. Catherine Feeny - Maggie


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